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About Us

    Ng. Chi Wai, CEO for Ascendent established the mainland China
    and Hongkong joint venture company in 2005. Ascendent Furniture focuses on producing high quality mesh office chairs at the very first beginning. Latest years, we developed intelligent study desks and chairs to diversify our brand scrope. We have long-term business relationship with ten top domestic furniture company.…… More>>

    Contact Us
    Hong Kong Address:5/F.,Modem Terminals Warehouse Bldg,Phase 2,
    DongGuan Address:2/F., Kelaosidi Building,Dongfeng Road,Qingxi,Dongguan,China
    Telephone:(852)2111 8791 / T:(+86)769-8750 5898/8750 0898
    Fax: (852)2406 6005/(+89)769-8750 8488
    Email:marketing@ascendent.com.hk / admin@ascendent.cn
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